domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Serpent Hordes

Esta es una banda de "Raw Black Metal", de la escena Underground Salvadoreña cuyas liricas hablan acerca de "Satanismo", formada en el año de 1999, cuya alineacion actual es la siguiente:

Necromanticus - Guitars, Vocals (Necromancer (Slv), Bestial Cult)
Black Tormentor of Satan - Lyrics

Los miembros anteriores son:

Infernal Mayhem
Lord of Satanic Necrophilia (Necromancer (Slv), Blasfematorio, Bestial Cult, Grave Throne, Sulphure, Darkness in the Moon, Vomit Christ)

Cualquier contacto con la banda a los siguientes correos:

Esta banda tiene alrededor de 4 Demos:

1- Serpent Hordes - Triumphant Awakening of Hell's Darkest Master

Notes on the demo claim that the guitars were recorded in 1989 and the rest was
recorded in 1999. It is very likely they are trying to pull a Kanwulf however.

1. Black Curse of Satanas 01:48

2. Darkest Invocation of The Luciferian Legions 10:59

3. Satan's Wrath (bonus track) 02:29

Total playing time 15:16

2- Serpent Hordes - In the Name of Satan (Demo II)

1. Satans Intro 01:36

2. Black Curse of Satanas 01:23

3. Darkest Invocation of the Luciferian Legions 10:20

4. Hail Satan 06:30

5. Supreme Altar of Infernal Apparitions 11:19

6. The Return of the Luciferian Legions 08:27

7. Outro 00:21

Total playing time 39:56

3- Serpent Hordes - Satan Rules Supreme!! (Split).

Limited to 666 copies

Necromancer (Slv)

1. Necromantic Ritual 06:58

2. Chalice with Blood 07:01

3. Voice of Satan 10:27

Serpent Hordes

4. Satan Rules Supreme (Intro) / Tormenting Ritual for the Destruction of the Heavens 01:12

5. Black Vomits and Spits upon the Church That's on Fire 02:47

6. Black Goat Commando 02:45

7. Hellish Troops Battle for the Unholy Master 04:13

8. Black Blasphemies Attack the Church 01:28

9. Beast of Unholy Fornication 02:04

10. Forest Full of Crosses Broken With Hate and Satanic Blasphemies 04:12

Total playing time 43:10

4- Serpent Hordes - Satan's Wrath Unleashed

Pro Sleeve Notes / Unlabelled Black Cassette

1. Vengeance From Hell 03:31

2. Demonic Rage Upon the Gates of Heaven 01:52

3. Desecration of Holy Graves 02:14

4. Burn Church, Break Cross, Worship Satan 02:22

5. Beast of Unholy Fornication 02:00

6. Hellish Troops Battle for the Unholy Master 04:08

7. Black Blasphemies Attack the Church 01:24

Total playing time 17:31

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